ACNH Items Introduction

The bugs, fish, and Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing are usually updated with the changes of the seasons each time the version is updated. This is a daily task for players. Players can obtain items in the store in exchange for Animal Crossing Bells, or use them for DIY to complete other Some players like to collect tasks.

Some rare Sea Creatures have a very small chance of appearing, and some bugs will only appear at a certain time, but not all players will open the game at any time. Daily tasks are repetitive and mechanical, which will inevitably be exhausting and take up the time for players to enjoy life on the island.

Fortunately, in order to meet the needs of players and save more time, Nookbell provide all the All Critters that appear on the island. You can buy all the fish, bugs, and Sea Creatures here at once for players to easily Collect a set of Critters.